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Gigabit speed is here.

UltraConnect is the fastest and best Internet technology Packerland Broadband has ever offered.

Gigabit speed will remove the worry in how a business or household will access and use the internet. Downloading and uploading content from multiple sources, by multiple users, will no longer be inhibited.

UltraConnect is available in Crystal Falls, Powers, Stephenson, and nearby towns in MI for both residential and business customers.

Upper Peninsula Outline
Wisconsin Outline

Effective May 12, 2019 UltraConnect is newly available in 17 communities across Wisconsin! Hewitt, Auburndale, Greenwood, Elcho, Laona, and several more locations have been upgraded and enabled to take advantage of gigabit speeds. In total, over 50 towns across Wisconsin and Michigan can get UltraConnect gigabit service. Please visit our Service Area page for the full map of UltraConnect locations!

Insanely Fast

With UltraConnect Internet, your favorite shows and movies will stream in a flash, even in 4K Ultra HD!


Gigabit speeds ensure that your connection won't slow down, even as you add more and more devices.


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With UltraConnect Internet from Packerland Broadband, everything you do online is simply better.

  • Streaming shows and movies in 4K
  • Online Gaming
  • Email
  • Connecting with Friends
  • Sharing photos and videos
  • Downloading apps and updates
  • Connecting new smart devices
  • Checking the latest scores

UltraConnect Speed Comparison

UltraConnect features an astounding 1 Gbps download speed, which is over 25x faster than the average broadband connection in Michigan and Wisconsin.

Michigan Average Broadband Speed (28.7 Mbps*)

Wisconsin Average Broadband Speed (37.4 Mbps**)

National Average Broadband Speed (93 Mbps***)

100 Mbps ExtremeConnect from Packerland Broadband

1 Gbps UltraConnect from Packerland Broadband

* Michigan Average Broadband Speed (Accessed 8/26/18)
** Wisconsin Average Broadband Speed (Accessed 8/26/18)
*** National Average Broadband Speed (As of May 2018)

How fast is UltraConnect?
In a single minute with 1 Gbps Internet, you could download...








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