Why Rural Broadband?

With each passing day, the demand for broadband Internet continues to grow. The Internet is utilized nationally and even globally for just about everything - education, employment, healthcare, shopping, entertainment, and socialization. Due to the increased reliance we as a culture have placed on the Internet, demand has shifted from "nice to have" to "necessity". Still, rural areas are not served adequately when it comes to quality Internet access.

We're trying to change that. Our rural broadband initiatives can be summed up in three categories: in town, near town, and outside of town. Each category presents its own unique challenges, and as we overcome these obstacles we will be able to drastically improve the level of connectivity for rural residents.

Coax-Based Internet

For those who are considered "in town", Packerland Broadband offers a traditional coaxial-based Internet connection. These connections are typically much faster than any alternative delivery method. The biggest downside is that this type of network is expensive to build and maintain, so the incentive to build the network out past city limits is extremely low. However, we are very interested in continuing to support and even grow our existing coaxial network to reach more homes across Wisconsin and Michigan. Since 2016, we've grown our residential coaxial network by 6 towns.

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TV White Space Internet

As part of a strategic partnership with Microsoft, Packerland will be harnessing the power of radio frequencies that were formerly used for broadcasting analog TV signals. Using new technology these frequencies can be utilized to distribute an Internet signal that is able to reach those living within range of select towers. This type of signal is relatively uninhibited by foliage, which has been a significant obstacle for satellite- and WiMAX-based Internet service in the past.

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Viasat Internet

As of May 2018, Packerland Broadband now offers Viasat satellite-based Internet featuring download speeds up to 100 Mbps. We have created a winning combination by offering Viasat Internet service paired with our own local customer service. This comes as a result of our membership with the NRTC, a nationwide coop whose mission is to bring all of the advantages of today's evolving technology to rural America.

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Our Vision

As the accessibility gap in rural areas begins to close, we anticipate a noticeable increase in quality of life for residents of these areas. We want to see people gain access to the advancing healthcare they need, the education that will help them reach their goals, and the opportunity to grow economically without having to move to a big city. A quality Internet connection at an affordable rate will aid considerably in achieving this vision of ours, and we look forward to carrying out the steps needed along the way to make this vision reality.

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